Out There


The Hunchback of Notre Dame


The world is cruel, the world is wicked

It's I alone who you can trust in this whole city

I am your only friend

I who keep you, teach you, feed you, dress you

I who look upon you without fear

How can I protect you, boy, unless you always stay in here

Alway in here?

Remeber what I've taught you, Quazimodo

Frollo Quasimodo
You are deformed I am deformed
And you are ugly And I am ugly
And these are crimes
for which the world
shows little pity
You do not comprehend You are my one defender
Out there they'll revile you
as a monster I am a monster
Out there they will hate
and scorn and jeer Only a monster
Why invite their calumny
and consternation?
Stay in here
Be faithful to me I'm faithful
Grateful to me I'm grateful
Do as I say
and stay in here

I'll stay in here

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